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CKGB Children's Ministry (Ages 3 - 9)

Where Your Journey Begins!

Children's ministry could be the first place your child has an encounter with Jesus Christ.  We believe in planting the seeds of the word of God, at an early age, by partnering with parents to build a foundation of faith.

CKGB serves children ages 3-9, and seeks to nurture the spiritual development of the children in our church by teaching them biblical foundations of Christianity. Our mission is to provide a fun, nurturing, secure, and loving environment where children can participate in ministry by developing a personal relationship with God, learning the Word of God, how to witness to others, and realizing the value of accepting Jesus Christ.

Triple Threat Student Ministry
(Ages 10 - 18)

Triple Threat Student Ministry serves youth, ages 10 through 18. Our mission is to make the teachings of Christ relevant to help youth discover the plan that God has for their life.

By discovering what influences the way our students think, we are able to see who they become, which determines what they do. Our aim is to encourage our students to allow God’s Word to be their number one influence so that they can discover their purpose and do His will.