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Joy Townsel is happily married to Pastor A. Chester Townsel.  Together they are the proud parents of five wonderful yet unique children and they are the proud grandparents of one granddaughter.  Joy assists her husband in ministry by serving as the First Lady of The Family Worship Church (TFWC).  TFWC is a powerful ministry where families are encouraged, empowered and equipped to grow and develop their relationship with God.  Her relationship with God and her family are the most important things in her life. 

Joy is originally from Southern New Jersey where she was born and raised before relocating to South Florida.  She earned her Associate’s Degree from Atlantic Cape Community College, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University and she is has taken graduate courses at American College of Education.  She is a certified teacher of Elementary Education K-6, she has a certification in Reading K-12 and she is a certified Life Coach.    

Over the course of her life, Joy has experienced many triumphs, successes, failures and disappointments. But through it all; the good, the bad and the ugly, she gained a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to help evolve into the woman she is today. She has no regrets or shame from her past. Instead, she values every experience as a lesson learned to benefit and help others and she is most grateful that God kept her along the way.    

As a Motivational speaker and Minister, Joy has preached the Gospel at various church services, conferences and workshops. She believes this is the hour for "realness" in the Body of Christ. It is her mission to continuously strive to be more like Christ, while encouraging, equipping and empowering people through the Word of God. She realizes the importance of prioritizing God first in everything and helping people make His Word applicable in their daily lives.  Joy is committed to giving God the honor and glory in everything she does and her lifestyle is one of praise and worship for His love and kindness shown towards her. 

As a Christian Life Coach, Joy relies on the help of the Lord, our triune God and His Word to help people move from where they are toward the greater competence and fulfillment they desire.  Coach Joy will help people expand their visions, build their confidence, unlock their potential, increase their skills and take practical steps toward their goals.  She works in partnership with her clients to help them reach their full potential and peak performance.  She does this by using a proven framework to help them achieve their desired goals. 

Joy is the CEO and founder of the PASA Network.  PASA is an acronym for Parental AND Spiritual Advocate which helps today's parents strengthen, build or repair their relationship with their child(ren).  Joy realized from her own experiences as well as, the experiences of others that today’s parents must be both a parental and spiritual advocate for their children. Today, more so than ever before the spiritual, emotional and mental needs of our children are just as important as their physical and financial needs. 

The PASA Network focuses on three main areas of the parent and child relationship, effective communication, realistic expectations and intrinsic motivation for education using the CECEL framework to achieve the desired results. 

If you need an encouraging word and message, book Joy today for your speaking, ministering or facilitating needs. If you need help getting unstuck in life, book Joy for your coaching sessions. Or, if you need help with your relationship with your child(ren), contact Joy about the PASA Network to receive successful tips for strengthening your bond.